Top 5 Stumble Guys Map You Should Try Right Now..!

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5 Amazing Stumble Guys Map You Should Try Right Now..!

Hello Stumblers, Stumble guys are one of the most popular multiplayer games. Stumble Guys has more than 20 Fabulous Maps collections. In this article, we are going to share Top 5 stumble guys maps that you should use right now. We will be going to discuss everything about this top 5 stumble guys maps, so you can get all the amazing gameplay from this game. Also, check out the official website for more updates and news. For now, read this article till the end, and don’t skip any part of this article.

Top 5 Stumble Guys Maps You Should Play

Stumble guys have a wide range of exciting playing matches. This game has more than 20 map collections. here we are going to share the top 5 maps of stumble guys, and all the details about it. So read this article till the end and don’t skip any part of it.

Top 5 Maps List

  1. Space Race
  2. Floor Flip
  3. Lost Temple
  4. Super Slide
  5. Hot Wheels Hustle

Space Race

As the name can state, Space Race is a very amazing map themed in space. It’s one of the most beautiful theme maps in stumble guys. The man exactly looks like the space and has fabulous graphics. Players can experience zero gravity, and enjoy playing like a space simulation game. This map has rocks and stages at distance, players will jump and go through different space objects in this game.

Floor Flip

Floor flip is another interesting yet, difficult map in stumble guys. This map is fully based on flipping floor Obstacles and, whenever the player runs on it. It will flip, So you will need to be careful before moving to the next step. There are more flip obstacles and hurdles along the way, you will need to balance the floor and reach the next stage.

Lost Temple

The lost temple is one of the most popular Maps in Stumble Guys, this game has old temple-like styles and ways. A lost temple will look like an ancient mansion. The game has arrows, high floors, difficult routes, and many other types of Obstacles. The graphics of this map looks very attractive, you will feel like playing in real scenarios. You can enjoy this Stumble Guys map for free in the game, just download the Stumble Guys Mod app now.

Super Slide

Do you like water parks? Adventures? then this map is for you. Super slide is a water slide map having a very amazing journey and Obstacles in the way. In this map, you will see a big water slide with tournedos and grills in the way. You can turn the slide direction and get the best way to get a pass. Although Stumble guys offer cartoonish Graphics, in this map, the graphics look pretty well.

Hot Wheels Hustle

Hot Wheels Hustle is the most popular stumble guy’s game. This map has a special car race from hot wheels, in this map players will be able to play with cars. The playing ramp and Obstacles are completely different from other maps. Also, you can play with the map with any character. There is no need to have a premium membership. Hot Wheels Hustle is very popular among people, this is the only map where players can experience car racing. All you need to do is, just download the Stumble Guys MOD versions and play this amazing map for free.


In this article, we have shared the Top 5 Stumble Guys maps that you should play right now. Stumble Guys has been a very popular multiplayer game nowadays. People like to play this game because of its fabulous map collection and character customization. We have shared detailed information about the top 5 maps, so you can enjoy playing these maps with Stumble guys. Also, you can download all kinds of stumble guys MODs, is the official website to download all kinds of apps. Also, you will get all updates about Stumbke guy’s games on our website, so follow us for more updates. That’s it for now, I hope you all enjoyed this article. Make sure to share it with your family and friends, so they will also get to know about these amazing maps.

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